Monday, 6 May 2013

'The Trouble with Tribbles' meets 'Ice-9'

It's a bank holiday weekend, which means it's time for Captain Bayley to make another impractical, large, and messy purchase. Today's involved 2 cubic feet of tiny, staticky polystyrene balls in a bag. These are normally sold for the purposes of making beanbags, in which you decant all of them in one go into a fabric sack and then spend the next four months finding stray ones stuck to your clothes. I can't say what they are for, but I am assured that they are a crucial part of the creative process. 

I don't know if you have worked with these things before, but they are so highly charged that they have a tendency to levitate in the bag, and I'm 100% certain that if even a single one makes contact with an part of our house we will be over-run with tiny replicating white spheres. The Captain is sitting next to me doing something with them that involves them being in a tray. I have visions of one of the cats innocently leaping up onto the table and sending said tray flying, and then spending the rest of it's natural life covered in tiny white styrofoam balls and looking like a low-budget alien extra in a sci-fi horror film. 

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